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With You in Mind, inc. Says Wedding Kits Aren’t Just for the Brides Anymore

April 24, 2007


(ELK GROVE VLG., IL) With You in Mind, inc. today announced wedding emergency kits that can come to the aid of anyone in the party. The Bride isn’t the only one to have a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency on the Wedding Day. “Typical bridal emergency kits only focus on the Bride. The Groom, members of the bridal party and the guests should really be taken into consideration as well. They have emergencies too,” says Lisa Gehrke, President, With You in Mind, inc. Ms. Gehrke makes several key points as to why Emergency Kits are essential for everyone to enjoy a stress-free day.


Time – Any delay due to an “emergency” can wreak havoc with the Wedding Day schedule. A simple thing such as a lost earring back for the bride or a broken zipper on a bridesmaids dress can have a domino effect that may lead to the whole day being behind schedule.


Stress – After all the months of planning, the Wedding Day should be as stress-free as possible. Having an emergency kit on hand, takes the guesswork out of what to do when something happens unexpectedly. The Groom forgetting his black trouser socks or a cufflink breaking may seem insignificant to some but to the people involved, it can be very stressful. It may, also, end up costing money due to the delay in the day’s schedule.


Money – If a guest gets a drink spilled on them or develops a headache, they may leave the party early. No one likes to feel uncomfortable. If they slip away before dinner is served, a plate of uneaten food has just been paid for and participation of that guest is lost. It is more than thoughtful to provide guests with a Necessity Basket in the restroom. Not only will it alleviate their need to be excused from the Wedding celebration but it will show that their needs are being taken into consideration too.


“Anyone can put together an emergency kit,” remarks Ms. Gehrke. “To save time, money and reduce stress, With You in Mind can provide the Emergency Kits and Necessity Baskets that will have all the things needed for those ‘oops’ moments.”




In addition to Weddings, With You in Mind’s products are useful for any event where a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency can occur. For more information visit or call Lisa Gehrke at 847.989.4946.