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With You in Mind, inc. Recommends Replacing Stress with Confidence on the Wedding Day

January 29, 2008


Planning and anticipating unforeseen inconveniences is a big step that Brides and Grooms often forget on their wedding day. An easy solution is available.


Getting married should give the bride and groom a one-time pass to the perfect wedding day free from unplanned emergencies. No such pass exists. As proof, has hundreds of wedding day accident clips that are only funny when they happen to someone else. Featured on Lifetime’s original series Get Married on January 30, 2008, the wedding emergency kit from With You in Mind is as close to a free pass as one can get. In the Bag gives the entire wedding party the tools necessary to conquer a fallen hem or an unforgiving headache on the spot.


Emergencies don’t happen when it’s convenient. Especially, when leaving to run to the drug store just isn’t an option. Being ready for emergencies is never a bad idea and In the Bag was planned with the entire wedding party in mind. Each product in the kit is designed to solve fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergencies that manage to squeeze their way into the big day. Heels break, zippers malfunction and hair do’s don’t always stay done and In the Bag comes equipped to handle different emergencies that cross the bridal party’s path.


“Taking the guesswork out of planning for the unexpected alleviates stress and allows the wedding party to enjoy themselves,” said Lisa Gehrke, President of With You in Mind, inc.


Months of planning go into one big day where control of every detail is not always possible. It’s the little things that can sometimes ruin the day and cause unnecessary stress. A wedding day is a production and the bridal party the cast. Being prepared with an emergency kit allows for a level of confidence that the bridal party can literally carry with them throughout the day.




With You in Mind, inc. Elk Grove Village, IL provides products focusing on fashion, cosmetic, and minor medicinal needs. Focus areas include wedding day emergency kits and restroom amenity baskets created for any size bridal party, the groom and groomsmen and the wedding guests. For more information please visit