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With You in Mind, inc. Prevents the Groom’s Wedding Day Man-tel Breakdown

June 4, 2009


(ELK GROVE VLG., IL) It’s easy for the groom to approach his wedding day with a little anxiety. As long as he shows up on time in his tux, what’s there to worry about? If he parties the night before as wild as the bachelor and his friends in Warner Bros. movie “The Hangover” – alot! There will be pounding headaches to cure, blistered feet to mend and messy hair to comb. With You in Mind, inc offers remedies to every single one of those emergencies with our Wedding Day Emergency Kits for the groom and groomsmen.


With You in Mind, inc. guarantees incidental groom and groomsmen needs are met with our Premier Wedding Day Emergency Kits. Our kits include: Tylenol, antacids, and Chapstick lip balm for the anxious groom. Also included for those unforeseen emergencies are shoeshine cloths, an extra pair of trouser socks and pre-pasted toothbrushes along with many other remedies. With You in Mind, inc. Wedding Emergency Kits dispense products that ensure last minute wedding day dilemmas are managed before becoming a problem. “We give grooms useful and time-saving products before they need them so they can enjoy their Wedding Day to the fullest -alleviating their own stressful moments, ” explains Lisa Gehrke, President of With You in Mind, inc.


With You in Mind, inc. provides products geared towards an individual’s fashion, cosmetic and minor medicinal needs. We are the only Wedding Day Emergency Kit producers who cater to the size of the wedding party. Whether it is a party of 2 or 20, With You in Mind, inc. ensures that brides, grooms and guests are prepared for those little emergencies. For more information about With You in Mind, inc. and our products, please visit our website.




In addition to Weddings, With You in Mind’s products are useful for any event where a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency can occur. For more information visit or call Lisa Gehrke at 847.989.4946.