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Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies
By Lei Lydle Founder and Editor
Last Updated: 4/16/2007 12:14:05 PM


The best way to avoid a wedding day beauty emergency is to be prepared!


The Emergency Survival Kit
I recommend you put together an Emergency Survival Kit. You may have your mom or maid of honor put it together for you but just make sure you have it on your big day.


Following is a list of items I suggest you pack in your Emergency Survival Kit.


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Gina from NY, NY says…
I hadn’t thought of an emergency kit until this article. I didn’t have time to run around getting this and I had everybody else pretty well spoken for with other errands or responsibilities. I found the perfect bag from With You In Mind Inc while searching the net. I even ordered a basket for the reception to place in the womans bathroom, a big hit I have come to learn. Especially since we had a New York destination wedding and it was beautiful. Thanks Wedding Basics!


Wedding Date: December 2006


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