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When you’re half in the bag, you need “in the bag – late nite”

in the bag – late nite

It’s closing time and maybe your night should have ended a few rounds earlier? But it didn’t. No judgment. You didn’t plan to have that fourth margarita, but being prepared doesn’t preclude spontaneity.


“in the bag – late nite” is portable, practical and perfect for last minute sleepovers. Keep it with you at all times (in your car, in a tote), like the spare 20 bucks in your wallet, so you can throw caution to the wind and say yes to the cute European guys buying a round of shots.


Now that you’ve made the responsible choice and took a cab back to a friends couch, you shouldn’t be punished by having to face the next morning feeling like you have sweaters in your eyes and socks in your mouth.


“in the bag – late nite” has everything you need, so you can take off your make up, brush your teeth, and put your messed up tresses in a pony tail. Our “late nite” bags also has a “contacts” option that comes with a storage case and multi-purpose solution.


While we can’t claim to have a cure for the hangover, “in the bag – late nite” has Advil, antacids, Imodium, and Tylenol. You many not feel like a million bucks the morning after, but you will feel a thousand times better than if you had to face the day completely unprepared.