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The Wedding Day is fast approaching.

You’ve gone over the check-list of the priority items:  Gown. Veil. Shoes. Venue. Church…..Now, it is coming down to the finishing touches.  One of those being your bridal purse.  Not only can bridal purses be a stunning accessory, they are, also,  a very practical way of keeping those few little things that you need with you tucked away.


There are three types of wedding purses for Brides: clutch, fancy and structured.  Clutch purses are, usually, made of satin or silk, are lined and do not have straps or handles.  Fancy handbags are embellished with sequins, beads, crystals, etc. They have handles made of metal, wood or cloth that match the ornate structure of the bag and many times come with a shoulder strap.  Structured purses have a solid floor to the bag and are, typically, made from satin, silk, nylon or polyester.  These bags have both handles and shoulder straps (that may be tucked away inside the purse).


Choose a bridal handbag that suits your personality and your look.  Pick something that will be easy to carry and not cumbersome.  Remember your purse is an accessory not a scene stealer.