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Prevent the Pat Down with In the Bag – mini clear

in the bag – mini-clear

The folks at TSA don’t care that you need your hairspray.


You, your oversize can of aerosol, and your soon to be disheveled “do” aren’t getting on the plane if you’re packing more than four ounces. Federal regulations are in place to keep travelers safe, your unmanageable tresses are your problem.


Avoid both the airport drama and the pre-travel stress with In the Bag- mini clear. It’s the perfect answer to TSA approval woes. The travel sized toiletries are conveniently packaged in a durable, quart-sized clear bag. Plus each item is less than three ounces and meets all other FAA carry on requirements.


In the Bag – mini clear also makes economic sense. Buying Aspirin in airport or a hairbrush in a hotel can be an expensive proposition. Instead of spending your vacation dollars on overpriced sundries, be prepared with all the necessary odds and ends, and spring for the first round of umbrella drinks.


Even if it’s just a simple overnight hotel stay, having that pre-packaged bag of essentials allows you to revel, relax and rejuvenate without having to worry about waking up with Medusa’s hair and boar’s breath.


Ditch the baseball hat, and make sure to pack your In the Bag – mini clear. You’ll avoid the airport pat down, plus you’ll look a whole lot better in the vacation pics!