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Don’t Dial 911 on your Wedding Day, It’s In the Bag

in the bag – essentials

Murphy’s Law in its nuptial translations states that mistakes or small emergencies are pretty much guaranteed to happen on your wedding day.


And even though you spent countless hours fantasizing, romanticizing, and strategizing, there is no amount of preparation that can prevent Uncle John from accidentally stepping on the train of your dream dress or your bridesmaid getting a run in her pantyhose.


That’s why we created the ”In the Bag” bridal emergency kits so you can have all the miscellaneous products to prevent those little things from turning your big day into a big disaster.


Our “In the Bag – Essentials” for women is perfect for a small wedding party. It has everything you’ll need for a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency. From Advil and Antacids to hairspray and hem tape to static guard and super glue, you name the problem, we’ve anticipated the remedy.


Well, not everything. When a wedding situation manifests itself in the human form, taking shape as a spurned ex, a drunken uncle, a hysterical mother-in-law, or any other type of rogue guest, we recommend a big celebrity style bouncer (dark sunglasses, menacing glare, enormous biceps). Unfortunately, he’s just too big to fit “In the Bag.”