in the bag

(for individual use)

Emergencies happen; they really do! If you don't have something for that headache or stain remover for that spilled drink on your shirt...what will You do? Having our of our In the Bag - Mini-Man survival kit is the answer.

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This kit is perfect for a Wedding Party of one - the Groom himself. It's, also, a great item for the Father of the Bride/Groom or as a gift to the Groomsmen or someone assisting with the Wedding.

Contents: Cosmetics- (1) comb; hairbrush; hairspray; Chapstick lip balm; (1) nail clipper; (1) nail file; Hygiene- (1) dental floss pick; (2) deodorant wipes; (1) pre-pasted toothbrush; Medicinal- (1) Advil (2/pkg); (2) antacids/chewable; (2) bandages; (1) Extra-Strength Tylenol (2/pkg); (1) Imodium (2/pkg); Sundry- (1) Kleenex pak; (5) peppermints; (2) safety pins; (1) shoe horn; (1) Shout stain remover pad; (2) shoeshine wipes; Static Guard.
Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 1" x 6"

The "Clear" kit comes in a TSA quart-sized approved bag
(so it's compliant for airplane carry-on.)

Price: $21.95

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