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Those days of being out late and not having your "stuff" with you to crash at a friend's house are history. Have our Late Nite bag with you or give it as a gift and problem is solved.

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This bag is ideal for last minute sleep-overs. It has everything you need - from taking off your make-up and brushing your teeth to items that will help you freshen up in the morning.

The late nite bags have a "contacts" option that comes with a contacts storage case and multi-purpose solution.

Contents: Cosmetics- (2 ea) bobby pins: black, blonde, brown; (1) comb; compact mirror; hairbrush; hairspray; (1) hair elastic; Chapstick lip balm; (1) facial lotion wipe; (1) make-up remover wipe; (1) nail file; Hygiene- (1) dental floss pick; deodorant; (1) feminine hygiene wipe; hand lotion; (1) mini pad; (1) pre-pasted toothbrush; (1) tampon; Medicinal- (1) Advil (2/pkg); (2) antacids/chewable; (2) bandages; (1) Extra-Strength Tylenol (2/pkg); (1) Imodium (2/pkg); Sundry- (2) earring backs; (1) Kleenex pak; (5) peppermints; (2) safety pins; (Additional Purchase; Contacts: (2 oz.) Multi-purpose solution; (1) contact case).
Dimensions - 7 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 6 1/2"

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Contents show: late nite for "contacts"

Price: $25.95


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