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(1-4 Women)

Emergencies happen; they really do! If you don't have hem tape, something for that headache or some bobby pins to "re-do" your "do"...what will You do? Having one of our bridal survival kits is the answer.

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This is perfect for a small wedding party of 1-4 women. It has everything you'll need for a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency. You won't believe how much we fit into this bag!

Contents: Cosmetics- baby powder; (6 ea) bobby pins: black, blonde, brown; (1) comb; compact mirror; hairbrush; hairspray; lip gloss (clear); (2) nail files; nail polish (clear); oil-absorbing blotting papers; cotton swabs; Hygiene- (2) dental floss picks; deodorant; hand lotion; (2) maxi pads; (2) mini pads; (2) pre-pasted toothbrushes; (2) tampons; Medicinal- (2) Advil (2/pkg); (2) bandages; (1) Imodium (2/pkg); (4) antacids/chewable; (2) Extra-Strength Tylenol (2/pkg); Sundry- (2 ft) hem tape; lint roller; (4) safety pins; sew kit; (2) Shout stain remover pads; Static Guard; super glue; (2) drinking straws; (2) earring backs; (1) Kleenex pak; (10) peppermints.
Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 6"

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Price: $54.95

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