Entrepreneur Lisa Gehrke opened With You In Mind in 2006. Having participated in a number of weddings, Ms. Gehrke recognized that every wedding event should have an emergency kit. The kit includes everything a bridal party and guests would need should a minor mishap occur.


The kits contain brand-named items for fashion, cosmetic and minor medicinal emergencies. With You in Mind inc. offers various sizes of the “In the Bag” kits for brides and bridal parties plus several kits for the groom. Also, there are special “In the Basket” configurations for the wedding guests. They can be placed in reception area restrooms.


With You In Mind is headquartered in Chicago and will ship their kits and baskets anywhere in the United States.


No bride or bridal party should be without these products. Just ask the bride whose hem came undone just before she was to walk down the aisle. Remedy: Reach into the “In the Bag – Essentials” for hem tape. Or, what about the groom who arrives in his sneakers? While stepping into his tuxedo, he realizes he forgot dress socks. Remedy: Reach into the “In the Bag – Man” for a pair of black trouser socks. And when Grandma spills on her pretty suit?… No problem…Just reach “In The Basket” for the stain remover wipes. A bride plans her wedding many months in advance. It’s the little things that can sometimes ruin her day and cause unnecessary stress. “In the Bag” kits have all kinds of products to prevent those “little things” from turning a happy event into a disaster.

For futher information about With You In Mind contact founder Lisa Gehrke at 847.989.4946. Or email her at publicity@withyouinmindinc.com.

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