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Those “little things” were taken care of…

in the basket – women-mini

I want to personally thank you for putting together such elegant and useful amenity baskets that were used at my sister’s wedding reception. Being Maid of Honor, I had to make sure that those “little things” were taken care of for the wedding. The baskets not only made my job simpler but there were items in there that I had never thought would be needed….until suddenly they were. I was, particularly, impressed with the Shout wipes as they always come in handy to someone dressed in white. Thanks, again.


– H. Landon

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Wedding Day Lifesaver

in the bag – essentials

Your product was a lifesaver on my Wedding Day and beyond! In the Bag handled just about every emergency. Whether it was an upset stomach or an ill-fitting bridesmaid’s dress, I didn’t worry. I just placed In the Bag out for use and it took care of all the rest. I even used In The Bag after the Big Day because it provides products that take all the guesswork out of preparing for an emergency. It’s nice to know that if something unexpected happens, you can find the solution In the Bag.


– K. Alongi

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Bridal Emergency Kit

in the bag – essentials

Upon receiving a bridal shower invitation for a good friend of mine, I immediately thought about the “bridal emergency kit.” I contacted Lisa at With You in Mind via email and received a return call right away. She was so considerate and helpful with her suggestions! When I opened the shipping box (two days later), I was extremely happy to discover a beautiful gray gift box with soft turquoise ribbon. At the shower, all the guests were commenting on how elegant the gift looked. Once opened, they couldn’t believe what a clever idea this was – not to mention practical. The Bride can’t stop thanking me enough… and I can’t stop thanking With You in Mind.


– L. Strauch

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In The Bag – Between

in the bag – between

Starting from the moment I woke up, I was in “getting ready mode.” My stomach was all in knots as this was the biggest day of my life. Luckily for me, I had In the Bag – Between in our hotel suite (where all the women were getting ready). The bag was a lifesaver. Inside, I grabbed some antacids and it calmed my stomach. Once all the hair and makeup was done, I put on my dress. I was thirsty but didn’t want to drink from a glass, in case I spilled on myself or would smudge my lipstick. Just then, my cousin came back with a straw that she got out of the bag and I was able to have some water and not mess-up my dress or my face. Throughout the entire day, bridesmaids and family members were going inside the bag for Tylenol, dental floss, nail files, Shout stain removers, you name it, we got it out of the bag. I couldn’t recommend the bag enough. It really was a necessity on my Wedding Day.


– H. Eggman