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Convenience at a Great Price

in the bag – essentials

“I am getting married soon, and read everywhere that I should put together an emergency kit.  Things can happen at the most inopportune times, especially when people are stressed. I ordered the  wedding kit from ‘With You In Mind’– the one for 1-4 girls. It’s amazing! Its way more convenient than having to put one together and about the same cost.  Its also packed very well– its amazing how much they fit inside the really cute blue bag. I’m also planning on taking it on my honeymoon! The next time one of my friends gets married, I’m getting them one!”


– C. Van Schoick

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Aunt’s Gift to a Special Niece

in the bag – between

I was traveling from Chicago to Oklahoma for my niece’s wedding. I wanted to do something special for her because I had not been out for the bridal showers. So, I hosted a bridal luncheon and presented her with an In the Bag emergency kit. The luncheon was lovely but it was In the Bag that was the real hit! The bride had planned to spend that afternoon (before her wedding day) putting together all of the things that the kit already contained! Needless to say, she was able to speed off to the nail salon to get pampered with the peace of mind that everything she would need for her Big Day had been taken care of for her. The ordering was quick and easy and the kit was shipped and waiting at my hotel in a beautiful gift box. A big bonus since I was traveling with my three young children. Many thanks.


– Julie Crawford

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Great Shower Gift

in the bag – essentials

This bag beats ones expectations. The bag is quality made, something that can be reused when the product inside is gone. All the items you don’t think you’ll need, you do and they’re in the bag! All the products were quality name brands and came in very handy, especially when you accidentally rip the hem of your dress with your heels…oops! I highly recommend this for any bride, it sure takes the stress out. This was a great shower gift. Well-packaged and fast to ship.


– J. Schmitz

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in the basket – women

We put In The Basket – Women and In the Basket – Men in the restrooms at our Brides Chicago Magazine/ Networking Event this past Fall. With over 300 guests, we didn’t want anyone to leave because they had an “emergency,” so we knew we wanted the amenity baskets from With You in Mind. They come in these great brown wicker baskets with a liner and a personalized card that let’s the guests know that the baskets are for their use. We had comments from various guests as to how classy and appreciated they were. Another great thing about these baskets is that all the items inside are just as useful after the event – so nothing gets wasted! I wouldn’t host an event without In the Baskets from With You in Mind. Thank you.


– Trina Rizzo, Brides Chicago Magazine/

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The Baskets were Great!

in the basket – women-mini

The baskets were great! I receive a TON of comments (from numerous guests) about what a great idea they were. A few guests specifically mentioned how they used (and appreciated) the Imodium, Advil and the tooth “brush-ups.” Almost all of the items were pretty much raided by the end of the night, particularly the Advil. They were just the extra special touch that I was looking to include at our reception, so thank you!


– T. Thorstenson