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When you’re half in the bag, you need “in the bag – late nite”

in the bag – late nite

It’s closing time and maybe your night should have ended a few rounds earlier? But it didn’t. No judgment. You didn’t plan to have that fourth margarita, but being prepared doesn’t preclude spontaneity.


“in the bag – late nite” is portable, practical and perfect for last minute sleepovers. Keep it with you at all times (in your car, in a tote), like the spare 20 bucks in your wallet, so you can throw caution to the wind and say yes to the cute European guys buying a round of shots.


Now that you’ve made the responsible choice and took a cab back to a friends couch, you shouldn’t be punished by having to face the next morning feeling like you have sweaters in your eyes and socks in your mouth.


“in the bag – late nite” has everything you need, so you can take off your make up, brush your teeth, and put your messed up tresses in a pony tail. Our “late nite” bags also has a “contacts” option that comes with a storage case and multi-purpose solution.


While we can’t claim to have a cure for the hangover, “in the bag – late nite” has Advil, antacids, Imodium, and Tylenol. You many not feel like a million bucks the morning after, but you will feel a thousand times better than if you had to face the day completely unprepared.

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The Wedding Day is fast approaching.

You’ve gone over the check-list of the priority items:  Gown. Veil. Shoes. Venue. Church…..Now, it is coming down to the finishing touches.  One of those being your bridal purse.  Not only can bridal purses be a stunning accessory, they are, also,  a very practical way of keeping those few little things that you need with you tucked away.


There are three types of wedding purses for Brides: clutch, fancy and structured.  Clutch purses are, usually, made of satin or silk, are lined and do not have straps or handles.  Fancy handbags are embellished with sequins, beads, crystals, etc. They have handles made of metal, wood or cloth that match the ornate structure of the bag and many times come with a shoulder strap.  Structured purses have a solid floor to the bag and are, typically, made from satin, silk, nylon or polyester.  These bags have both handles and shoulder straps (that may be tucked away inside the purse).


Choose a bridal handbag that suits your personality and your look.  Pick something that will be easy to carry and not cumbersome.  Remember your purse is an accessory not a scene stealer.

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Everything Is In The Bag But The Cat With You In Mind’s Late Nite Bag is Perfect for Anytime of the Day

in the bag – late nite

While many of us are no strangers to the last minute packing method, it, typically, results in missing an essential item or two.  Don’t worry about forgetting a product from your packing checklist, just grab With You In Mind’s In The Bag- Late Nite.


Whether you need a quick fix or you’re just freshening up, the bag contains; cosmetic items, pain relievers and other hygiene products in a convenient travel-sized pouch to prepare travelers for any unexpected situation.


“From Advil to a dental floss pick, the Late Nite bag contains all the basics,” says With You in Mind, Inc. founder Lisa Gehrke.  “The individually sized quantities keep the bag compact and light.  Not only is it great for travel, it’s the perfect emergency kit for daily needs.”

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Prevent the Pat Down with In the Bag – mini clear

in the bag – mini-clear

The folks at TSA don’t care that you need your hairspray.


You, your oversize can of aerosol, and your soon to be disheveled “do” aren’t getting on the plane if you’re packing more than four ounces. Federal regulations are in place to keep travelers safe, your unmanageable tresses are your problem.


Avoid both the airport drama and the pre-travel stress with In the Bag- mini clear. It’s the perfect answer to TSA approval woes. The travel sized toiletries are conveniently packaged in a durable, quart-sized clear bag. Plus each item is less than three ounces and meets all other FAA carry on requirements.


In the Bag – mini clear also makes economic sense. Buying Aspirin in airport or a hairbrush in a hotel can be an expensive proposition. Instead of spending your vacation dollars on overpriced sundries, be prepared with all the necessary odds and ends, and spring for the first round of umbrella drinks.


Even if it’s just a simple overnight hotel stay, having that pre-packaged bag of essentials allows you to revel, relax and rejuvenate without having to worry about waking up with Medusa’s hair and boar’s breath.


Ditch the baseball hat, and make sure to pack your In the Bag – mini clear. You’ll avoid the airport pat down, plus you’ll look a whole lot better in the vacation pics!

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Don’t Dial 911 on your Wedding Day, It’s In the Bag

in the bag – essentials

Murphy’s Law in its nuptial translations states that mistakes or small emergencies are pretty much guaranteed to happen on your wedding day.


And even though you spent countless hours fantasizing, romanticizing, and strategizing, there is no amount of preparation that can prevent Uncle John from accidentally stepping on the train of your dream dress or your bridesmaid getting a run in her pantyhose.


That’s why we created the ”In the Bag” bridal emergency kits so you can have all the miscellaneous products to prevent those little things from turning your big day into a big disaster.


Our “In the Bag – Essentials” for women is perfect for a small wedding party. It has everything you’ll need for a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency. From Advil and Antacids to hairspray and hem tape to static guard and super glue, you name the problem, we’ve anticipated the remedy.


Well, not everything. When a wedding situation manifests itself in the human form, taking shape as a spurned ex, a drunken uncle, a hysterical mother-in-law, or any other type of rogue guest, we recommend a big celebrity style bouncer (dark sunglasses, menacing glare, enormous biceps). Unfortunately, he’s just too big to fit “In the Bag.”