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in the bag late nite brown design is an occasion kit for the woman on the go. Follow this link to see the in the bag late nite brown design or follow one of the links in the table to the right to see our other fine products

"With You In Mind isn't just our name it's how we do business"

Whether we're assembling an amenity basket, packing a bridal kit or choosing accessories; it's you, your needs and your special day that's forefront in our minds. We're constantly looking for ways we can help make your day more comfortable.

in the bag - wedding
These products are known by many different names; wedding day survival bags, wedding day emergency bags, wedding emergency kits, wedding survival kits, bridal survival bags, brides emergency kits, etc. No matter how you refer to them, they're great insurance on your special day. We pack them with practical items that you may need and if you don't, we know you'll use them at some point later.

in the bag - late nite
Sleep-over kits for the woman who
doesn't want to be caught without.

in the basket
Amenity baskets filled with products to keep your guests comfortable.

on your feet
Comfortable footwear for your special occasion. Whether it be a beach wedding or a high school prom; our sandals, flip-flops and slippers have your feet covered.

Handbags, clutches and umbrellas especially chosen for your use.