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Entrepreneur Lisa Gehrke opened With You In Mind in 2006. Having participated in a number of weddings, Ms. Gehrke recognized that every wedding event should have an emergency kit and/or amenity basket. The kit and baskets include everything a bridal party and guests need if a minor mishap occurs.


The kits contain over 70 brand-name items for fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergencies. With You in Mind offers three different sizes of “In the Bag” kits for the bride and bridal party plus a kit for the groom. And – there is a special “In the Basket” configuration just for wedding guests. It can be placed in reception area restrooms.


With You In Mind is headquartered in Chicago and will ship its kits and baskets anywhere in the United States.


I’ve been to weddings. I’ve been in weddings. I’ve even had my own wedding. It never shocks me when some kind of “emergency” occurs. Oh, I’m not talking about the groom not showing up to the wedding – not that kind of emergency. The kind that has you freaking out because the hem of your very expensive wedding dress has come undone, thanks to Uncle John stepping on it, and you haven’t had your pictures taken. (Hem tape, baby powder for the scuff mark of Uncle John’s shoe). And what happens when your Wedding Day “do” begins to droop? (Comb, bobby pins, hairspray). Best man forgot his cufflinks? (Cufflinks.) Or, one of your bridesmaids gets a little run in her stockings and is obsessively worrying about how that’s going to look. (Clear nail polish and how about some Tylenol for that raging headache that’s beginning). I’ve seen this happen, experienced this myself and heard about this happening to other people.

But who has the time to go to multiple stores to get what’s on the “What every Bride should have with her on her Wedding Day in case of an emergency” list? During the planning of my wedding, I didn’t. In fact that was the furthest thing from my mind. It occurred to me that if that list existed in the form of a purchasable product, I’d buy it in a second. Then, it dawned on me that if I could have these “emergencies,” then couldn’t the groom, groomsmen and my guests for that matter? I started thinking about other places and events that these necessity packages would come in handy. With You in Mind, inc. was born. It is our greatest hope that no “emergencies” spoil your event. In fact, they won’t. Not if we can help it.

A bride plans her wedding months in advance. It’s the little things that might ruin her day and cause unnecessary stress. “In the Bag” kits have miscellaneous products to prevent those little things from turning a happy event into a disaster. Our goal is to continually provide products that serve your best interest. For Your Convenience. For Your Comfort. For Your Confidence. With You in Mind.